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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was formed in 2008. The Department provides an outstanding research environment complemented by excellence in teaching.

The areas of research include Machine Learning and its application in computational biology, Systems Biology, Evolutionary Algorithms, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Networks, Database Management Systems, Formal Modelling, Synthesis and Verification of Embedded Systems, Human Computer Interaction, User Modeling, Model Based Evaluation of Interactive Systems, Rehabilitation Engineering, Networking, Fault Tolerance, Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Word combinatorics, algorithms and combinatorics, Multiprocessor Computer Architecture, Formal Methods, Network-on-Chip design, Asynchronous systems, Distributed algorithms, fault-tolerance, distributed algorithms for ad hoc and sensor networks, Computational Geometry, Parallel Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Systems & Neural Networks, Artificial Immune Systems, Networks (Specially: QoS, Wireless Networks), Computer and Network Security, Computational Geometry and Its Applications, Advance Computer Architecture, Multicore Parallel Programming and Compiling, Embedded System, VLSI and FPGA Design, VLSI Testing, VLSI Design, External Memory Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Mobile Computing, Kernel Methods, Data Mining and their applications, Data structures and Algorithms, Combinatorial Geometry, Analysis of Social Networks, Web Search Engine, Information Retrieval, Steganography and Steganalysis, Image and Video Watermarking, Intrusion Detection System and Network Steganography, WDM Optical Networks, IP over WDM Networks, Broadband Access Networks, Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks, Network Tomography, Modeling of Computer systems, Communication Networks, Monte Carlo Simulation, Experimental Methods, Cloud Computing and Computer Networks.